Walter White, Jr.
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Walter White, Jr.

Breaking Bad

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About Him

Grew Up… in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and at 15 he’s not quite done growing yet. Walt Jr. was born with cerebral palsy, which causes him to stutter when he speaks and forces him to use crutches to get around. He looks up to his father Walter White, but the pressures of adolescence combined his father’s bizarre behaviour are driving the two Walts further and further apart.

Living… with his parents, Walter and Skyler White, in their humble suburban Albuquerque home. The Whites have maintained a stable, loving household ever since Walt Jr. was born, and while they’re a far cry from rich, they’ve always managed to provide a good life for their son.

Profession… student at J. P. Wynne High School, where his dad teaches chemistry. Walt Jr.—or “Flynn” as his friends know him— is teased by the “cooler” kids, but has some good, loyal friends.

Interests… TV, video games, girls, hanging out with his friends, and occasionally getting into trouble.

Relationship Status… single, but he’s a handsome young man and it can’t be long before he locks down a few dates.

Challenge… navigating the troubled waters of adolescence in the same house as a secret meth cook. Walt Sr.’s criminal lifestyle is causing him to spend less and less time at home, and to share even less with his son. Walt Jr. increasingly looks up to his uncle Hank, a local hero working for the Albuquerque DEA, but is unsure of whether to emulate the cerebral Walt Sr. or the tough and crude Hank. As Walt Jr. enters one of the most difficult periods of his life, his family might just be on the brink of falling apart – undone by the secret criminal life of his father.

Personality… resilient and encouraging. When Walt Sr. considers not going through with a course of chemo treatments, Jr. tells him: “You’re being a pussy! All this stuff I’ve been through, and you’re scared of a little chemotherapy?” He likes to be manly, and longs for the approval of his uncle and father. As an adolescent, Walt Jr. doesn’t seem to be completely sure of who he is, and is beginning to experiment with his identity.

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