Walter Keane
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Walter Keane

Big Eyes

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About Him

Grew Up… with dreams of joining his fellow bohemians in the 18th arrondissement. Walter has always been tired of his bourgeois existence in suburban America, and has longed to be in artistic circles since he was a child.

Living… in San Francisco, where he sells paintings in the park every weekend. When not working for his day job, Walter trots around the city’s art scene trying to charm gallery owners.

Profession… commercial real estate agent, but Walter still has big dreams for his artistic career. “Any blockhead can arrange a sublet,” he says. “All I ever wanted was to support myself as an artist. I tried to make a clean break – couldn’t cut it. I’m just a Sunday painter.”

Interests… fine wine, French food and great art. Walter fancies himself a man of the world—he often boasts about how he “lived” in Paris on nothing but “bread and wine,” although he only stayed there for a week. “Best time of my life!”

Relationship Status… married to fellow artist Margaret. Walter struck gold when he met Margaret. It turns out that her art actually sells. Her paintings of children with big eyes are making a splash on the national art scene, and he’s managed to take all the credit for it!

Challenge… living the lie that he’s created. Walter is a serial plagiarist. Since he can’t live his dream as an artist, he’s stolen his wife’s talent and claimed it as his own. All he has to do is keep her locked up in his large house and force her to paint for the rest of her life.

Personality… charming, ruthless, and narcissistic. Walter always wears a large smile, but don’t let it fool you. He hides behind his charisma in order to maintain his own vast charade. 

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