Walter Burns
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Walter Burns

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About Him

Living… in the 1940’s in Chicago, but he also spends most of his time out in the field as a reporter.

Profession… newspaper editor for the Morning Post. Hardworking, married to his job, but still as affable as they come, Walter lets his work come before all of his interpersonal relationships.

Relationship Status… divorced from his former employee Hildy Johnson. When they were married, Walter was more invested in his job than her; instead of a honeymoon, he went out of his way to grab a story. Now he misses her – not only as a romantic partner but also as a fellow reporter.

Challenge… trying to persuade Hildy to rejoin his team and cover a story on the upcoming execution of convicted murderer Earl Williams. But he just found out that she is engaged to an insurance salesman and has plans to become a full-time housewife. He's quite upset about the news. Not only is he disappointed that Hildy is moving on without him, but he’s also shocked that Hildy is quitting reporting. As he says, "Listen. I made a great reporter out of you, Hildy. We're a team. That's what we are. You need me and I need you, and the paper needs both of us."

Personality… witty, romantic, and intense. Walter is cocky and driven, but he is coming to realize that he can’t achieve the type of success he wants on his own. He had the ideal partner, but he blew it the first time with Hildy. And now he’s going to try to change his ways to win her back. Walter likes a challenge, and Hildy might be the biggest challenge he has ever met. She is almost as witty and intense as he is. 

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