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Wallace and Gromit

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Living… in a quaint British town with his dog Gromit. Every morning, Wallace wakes up via an overcomplicated Rube Goldberg contraption that slides him out of bed, deposits him in a chair at the breakfast table, and dresses him in his trademark green vest and brown trousers – “fashionable knitwear,” he calls it.

Profession… co-founder and proprietor of Anti-Pesto pest control. Anti-Pesto provides comprehensive protection of its clients’ vegetable garden, complete with electronic security systems and emergency response. When a pest (most often a rabbit) trips one of Anti-Pesto’s garden alarms, Wallace and Gromit humanely take it out of their client’s garden. Gromit might be "only" a dog, but he is the true brains of the operation.

Relationship Status… smitten with Lady Tottington, owner of the Tottington Hall manor. Rabbits have burrowed all across the Lady’s property. Wallace tries to impress her by rolling out his own invention, the Bun-Vac 6000, which sucks rabbits out of their tunnels at 125 RPM (rabbits per minute). The more he crosses paths with the Lady, the more his infatuation intensifies. As he says, “Love, Gromit... that’s the biggest trap of all.”

Interests… only one thing surpasses Wallace’s love for Lady Tottington: cheese. Wallace’s bookshelves are filled with books on cheese, and he will wake from deep slumber at the slightest whiff of it. As he puts it, “The fact is, I’m just crackers about cheese.”

Challenge… tracking down and capturing the were-rabbit. The feared beast has “teeth the size of axe-blades” and “ears like terrible tombstones.” The were-rabbit has been terrorizing the town’s vegetable garden by night, and has placed the town’s most important annual event, the Tottington Hall Giant Vegetable Competition, at risk. A townsperson proclaims, “We live for that competition…we’re simple folk. It’s all we have!” It up to Wallace and Gromit – who is really the better half of the partnership – to save the competition by unmasking the were-rabbit’s identity.

Personality… an inventive andincurable tinkerer, but absent-minded and often clueless. Wallace is generally oblivious to both his surroundings and the long-term repercussions of his actions. The combination of these two traits often gets him in sticky situations. Wallace is lucky to have Gromit, who often has to bail him out. Without Gromit, Wallace would have certainly perished by now. But together, they make quite a pair.

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