Wallace Fennel
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Wallace Fennel

Veronica Mars

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About Him

Grew Up… in Chicago with his single mother and his younger brother. Wallace was very popular previous high school, due to his natural athletic abilities. On his first day at Neptune High, however, he was duct-taped to the flag pole by the PCH Bikers, a gang of Latino tough guys who often find themselves in trouble with the law. After Veronica cut him down, they became best friends. 

Living… in his mother’s house in Neptune. Wallace’s mother is very protective of him, and she initially disapproves of his friendship with Veronica, believing that she is a bad influence. She tries to disassociate with the Mars family because they are the most hated duo in Neptune. Wallace, however, cares little for what other people think and ultimately sticks by Veronica’s side.

Profession… employee at the local video store and an office aide in the Neptune High principal’s office. The latter position often comes in handy for Veronica, who uses Wallace to gain information on other students. Wallace accompanies Veronica on her cases, even when things get dicey.  

Interests… basketball. In Chicago, he was a starter on the high school team and he eventually joins the Neptune team. Wallace also enjoysthe detective work that he does with Veronica. He acts as the voice of reason when she acts too bold. 

Relationship Status… single. Wallace is a romantic, but acts like a player. He tries to assert himself as a confident and cocky young man, something that Veronica always teases him about. When he joins the basketball team, he has girls lined up to flirt with and date him, but deep down he’s a one woman, settle-down type of guy. 

Challenge… keeping Veronica and himself out of trouble. Because Veronica cares little for her own well-being, Wallace takes it upon himself to act as her protector. For the most part, Wallace is successful in keeping them both out of harm’s way, but there are a few cases in which he lands himself in trouble, disappointing his mother.

Personality… all-around good person – loyal to Veronica, caring toward his mother and brother, a good student, and a fantastic athlete. He’s a kind person and is only rude or mean to someone if they hurt someone he loves. Wallace tries to put on an air of confidence, especially with women, but deep down he’s a sensitive romantic.

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