Walden Schmidt
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Walden Schmidt

Two and a Half Men

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About Him

Living... with a billion dollars but no strength to continue his life. His wife Bridget just left him for being immature and after a failed suicide attempt, he runs into Alan Harper, a guy who knows a thing or two about being left by women.

Profession... internet billionaire. He sold his website to Microsoft for a cool $1.3 billion and promptly retired to a life of goofing off. It was a ton of fun for Walden, but not for Bridget, who began to feel more like his mother than his wife. She kicked him out and he ended up outside Alan’s house, ready to drown.

Interests… video games, fast cars, and strutting around the house naked. He made his first million while he was still a teenager, and it more or less froze his development.

Relationship Status... dating, at least once he gets over his divorce. But as a billionaire, it’s tough to find a girl he can trust. He tells Alan, “It’s not me that she’s interested in. It’s what I can do for her. It’s the lifestyle.” Alan doesn’t want to hear it – he’d kill for problems like that.

Challenge... starting a new life without Bridget. Sure, it’s sufficiently bankrolled thanks to Microsoft, and he now has a beautiful beachside estate, but that all comes with strings. He lets Alan and his son Jake continue to live in the house after Alan sells it to him, but it’s a decision he goes on to regret.          

Personality... emotional, intelligent, and charming, but immature. Unlike Charlie, Alan’s brother and the man Walden replaced in the beach house, he’s willing to grow. He learns to take care of himself after his divorce made him into a blubbering shell of a billionaire. After being babied himself in his previous relationship, he begins dating a woman with a child. He has a long way to go, but he’s got a good friend in Alan, who needs a partner in crime just as much as Walden does. 

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