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Wade Walker


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Grew Up... in the shadow of an infamous father. The Alphabet Bomber would explode bombs in alphabetical order– the airport, the barbershop, the carwash, the drugstore, etc. Wade grew up an orphan after both his parents were electrocuted when he was twelve.

Living... in Baltimore, during the 50s. Right now, Wade is the leader of the Drapes, a gang of juvenile delinquents. They think they give the town character, but are seen as the plague to everyone else.

Profession... high school student, at the Maryland Training School for Boys. Not that Wade takes school too seriously; he's far too cool for that sort of stuff.

Interests... besides fooling with the Drapes, singing hillbilly down at the Turkey Point, night after night.

Relationship Status... involved with Allison, a “square." At first, Allison was afraid that she wasn't going to fit in with him and his friends. But while she is a “good girl,” Allison seems to enjoy her boys bad.

Challenge... staying together with Allison. A romance between a Drape and a square – it's a situation straight out of Romeo and Juliet, just with more musical numbers. But Wade'll be damned if he lets any Capulets get in the way of his love for Allison.

Personality… a bad boy with a vulnerable side. Wade might look tough, but he cries over his parents every day – with a tear perpetually on his face. As he points out, "One single, salty tear is all that they will ever suck out of this Cry-Baby."

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