Wade "Unique" Adams
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Wade "Unique" Adams


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About Him

Overview... a fierce singer grappling with issues of self-identity. Wade is an incredibly talented performer, but he sometimes struggles to find his confidence onstage. That is, until he starts to perform as his fierce female alter ego Unique. Once welcomed into the tolerant glee club at McKinley High, Wade begins to spend more and more time as Unique – embracing her inherent femininity and living life full-time as a woman. 

Personality... no-nonsense and confident, but with hidden vulnerabilities. Unique is a true diva and she loves nothing more than performing in the spotlight. She can be competitive and even a little pushy, but that’s only because she’s not afraid to go after what she wants. Yet when it comes to her personal life, Unique sometimes struggles to find that same confidence, particularly when people try to cut her down for her gender identity. 

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