W.P. Inman
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W.P. Inman

Cold Mountain

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About Him

Living… out on the long road back to Cold Mountain. On July 30, 1864, Inman was serving in the Confederate army during the siege of Petersburg. But after being wounded in battle, he deserts, starting his journey back to the love of his life, Ada. Though they only knew each other briefly before he went off to war, their love is real, and she continues to write him encouraging letters, telling him, “If you are fighting, stop fighting. If you are marching, stop marching. Come back to me. Come back to me is my request.” Inman heeds her request, and braves the dangers of going it alone.

Profession… soldier. But once he deserts, Inman’s nothing more than a rebel, a renegade, and getting caught by the officials will probably mean death by firing squad. Now a refugee, Inman is forced to rely on the kindness of strangers as he makes his way home.

Interests… survival, secrecy, and Ada. These three things swirl around in his head, keeping him on the straight path toward a better future. He is driven by love and the will to live, nothing more.

Relationship Status… deeply in love with Ada, who is waiting for him in Cold Mountain. Even through the harshest hardships, they remain devoted to one another.

Challenge… escaping detection and returning to Cold Mountain. Deadly obstacles wait around every corner: if the Union Army or his own army don't kill him, the cold or his wounds will be glad to do the job. The world is a dangerous place for a man in search of his own destiny.

Personality… quiet and strong. A born survivor, Inman knows how to kill when he must, and he knows when to thank people for their Southern hospitality. He wouldn’t survive if not for various people along his odyssey. In his words, “I ain’t gettin’ shot again for some cause I don’t believe in.”

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