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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… on Earth, centuries in the future. A robot that functions as a automated trash compactor, WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth-Class) was created in 2105 to help clean up a seriously polluted Earth . However, after their efforts fail, Earth's humans evacuated and shut down all the cleaning robots. All, of course, except WALL-E.

Living… alone, except for his best (and only) friend, a cockroach named Hal. Despite the isolation, WALL-E isn't lonely; with mountains of trash still covering Earth, it's easy enough for a robot to amuse himself.

Profession…  the last garbage man (er, robot?) in an abandoned, deserted world. However, that all changes when a spaceship abruptly lands and releases a sleek probe named EVE to look for plant life. WALL-E instantly falls in love with her. After EVE discovers a seedling in WALL-E's shed, the lonely little robot is in for the ride of his life.

Interests… cleaning up the world, finding EVE, and investigating all things human. WALL-E's love of human artifacts is undeniable, though his taste in objects is rather...unconventional. But while WALL-E chooses rubber ducks and Rubik's Cubes over diamond rings, he is deeply human in a major sense: his desire for that elusive, mysterious thing called love.

Relationship Status… eyestalks over treads in love with EVE. He’s willing to do anything for her. Anything.  

Challenge… saving EVE. He believes she has been captured and tortured. However, after hitching a ride onto the spaceship Axium and finding EVE unharmed, WALL-E is faced with a new challenge: helping the ship's obese, technology-obsessed humans return to Earth.

Personality… hopelessly romantic, brave, and curious. Although he can only say "Wall-E" and "Eve," WALL-E's a passionate robot whose zest for life that would rival that of any human.


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