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Vivian Gandillon

Blood and Chocolate

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About Her

Grew Up... a member of Homo lupus. Known to most as werewolves, the loups-garoux believe they were blessed by the moon goddess Selene with the ability to shape-shift. While they may live alongside humans, the loups-garoux consider themselves a decidedly different species.

Living… in a new town and a new state. Vivian's pack had lived peacefully for years in West Virginia, but when teenage loup-garou Axel kills a human girl, fear and suspicion cause the pack to flee to Riverview, Maryland.

Profession… high school student, and hoping to stay that way. In the aftermath of Axel's crime, Vivian's father was killed in a fire, leaving his pack without a leader or any sense of order. Still mourning for her father, Vivian is in no mood to participate in the same reckless excursions that got him killed.

Interests… magic, painting, and running in her wolf skin. Vivian might despise pack politics, but she gladly admits, "I love being loup-garou. I adore the sweet change and the beauty it brings me in the night." If only that could make her a little more popular at school...

Relationship Status… complicated. Dominating loup garou Gabriel seems attracted to her, but Vivian is having no part of it– not least because her own mother, Esmé, is involved with him. On the other hand, Vivian finds herself drawn to Aiden, a human boy who seems more willing than most to accept the supernatural.   

Challenge… finding her place between human and wolf, and between Gabriel and Aiden. Being a werewolf doesn't make being a teenager any easier, and like most sixteen-year-olds, Vivian spends most of her time unsure of what she really wants. She'll have to choose soon, though– her father's old pack is falling apart before her eyes, and it may soon be too late for Vivian to have any choices at all.  

Personality… fiery, independent, and more than a little wild. Fitting into neither the human nor werewolf worlds, Vivian is a skeptic who sees little reason why "I should let pack traditions rule me." She's not bulletproof, though: like all werewolves, Vivian can be harmed by silver, and her heart can be harmed by the slightest of words. 

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