Vivian Abromowitz
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Vivian Abromowitz

Slums of Beverly Hills

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About Her

Growing Up… poor. Vivian’s family has been struggling ever since her parents got divorced. Things are especially difficult for Vivian now – she’s the only girl in a household of men, and none of them are capable of helping her through her burgeoning adolescence.

Living… from one “dingbat” apartment to another. Vivian’s family is always moving around so as to avoid paying the rent, though they always stay within the vicinity of Beverly Hills, so that Vivian and her sisters can attend the city’s prestigious schools.

Interests… her breasts. Vivian is constantly obsessing over her new lumps. “I’m not advanced,” she says of her intellect. “My body, on the other hand – that’s a different story.”

Relationship Status… interested in her new neighbor, a high-school dropout named Eliot. Unable to turn to her family for sexual advice, Vivian looks to Eliot for the answers to all of her important questions.

Challenge… finding the father of her cousin’s child. Vivian has struck up an odd companionship with her troubled cousin, Rita. Though Vivian claims she is the one helping Rita, Rita is doing a lot to help Vivian with her own problems.

Personality… awkward, smart, and wisecracking. Vivian lives in a constant state of embarrassment: she is ashamed of her family, worried about her body, and anxious about her socioeconomic status. That being said, she is wise beyond her years and, thanks to her loving father, is beginning to feel a bit more comfortable in her own skin.

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