Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Marseille, France with her daughter Maya. Maya’s father was just a fling, and he isn’t in the picture at all. 

Profession… theater actress. Virginie is working on a theater production spearheaded by a young, ambitious director who has eccentric methods when it comes to directing. Virginie’s other job is to take care of Maya, her energetic and bright eight-year-old daughter. She can be a handful.

Relationship Status… attracted to an American named Bill. She met Bill after he helped her daughter, and they’ve become close friends because they provide what each other needs. Virginie helps Bill navigate Marseille, which can be a gritty city that is not welcoming to foreigners. And since Bill doesn’t speak a word of French, Virginie serves as his translator. Bill has become helpful for repairs Virginie needs around their house, but more importantly Bill has become a father figure to Maya. Virginie is attracted to Bill, but he doesn’t seem to notice the signs she gives him because he is too preoccupied with why he came to France: to free his daughter Allison from prison.

Challenge… helping Bill find clues as to who is the real killer who should be in jail instead of his daughter. It’s a high-profile case that has gotten a lot of media attention, and everyone assumes Allison is guilty despite that there was no DNA match or murder weapon found. 

Personality… caring, sympathetic, and resourceful. Virginie is a kind person who goes to great lengths to help a man she barely knows. Virginie is selfless, as she wants to help Bill and expects nothing in return. And more than anything or anyone, Virginia loves her daughter. Despite the challenges she’s faced as a single parent, she’s a wonderful mom.


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