Virginia Woolf
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Virginia Woolf

The Hours

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Living... in the suburbs in Richmond in the United Kingdom. Virginia is trying to be happy there for her husband's sake, but she can't take how quiet it is. She misses London and wants to move back as soon as she can.

Profession... writer. Her latest novel is about a woman's whole life in a single day as she is getting ready for a party. Virginia was going to have a dramatic end to the novel and kill her heroine, but now she is not so sure what ending she wants.

Interests... not much lately because she is constantly attended by doctors. They say Virginia needs a lot of attention because of her history of fits, moods, blackouts, and hearing voices. And there's also the two times she tried to kill myself. Leonard says they are in Richmond so that she can get peace. But she disagrees. As Virginia says, "I cannot find peace by avoiding life.

Relationship Status... the best part of her life. Virginia doesn't think two people could be happier than she and Leonard are. He has been by her side through everything. As she says, "The only certainty I know is the certainty of his goodness."

Challenge... feeling that she may be going mad again. She doesn't want go through another one of these terrible times again where she hears voices and can't concentrate. She is in a state of complete despair.

Personality… tortured, introspective, and loving. Virginia is a woman who feels deeply about everything – from an intense love for her husband to her feelings of severe depression. 

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