Virginia Chance
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Virginia Chance

Raising Hope

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About Her

Grew Up… raised by her grandmother, Maw Maw, after her mother abandoned her. However, Maw Maw told Virginia that her mother had passed away. Virginia spent a large part of her childhood in a back brace because she had scoliosis.

Living… in Maw Maw’s house, where she grew up. Now, her husband, son, and granddaughter (Burt, Jimmy, and Hope, respectively) also live with them. Due to the Chance family’s low income, the house has become somewhat rundown, and many of the appliances and electronics are out of date.

Profession… a local housecleaner. Virginia is employed on the nice side of town, cleaning the large, well-decorated homes of the wealthy people who live there.  She sometimes steals random, useless objects from the homes she cleans.

Relationship Status… married to Burt Chance, her high school sweetheart. The two became teenage parents when Jimmy was born during their prom (literally). The couple got together after Virginia stole Burt from her rival and cousin, Delilah. 

Challenge… proving that she knows how to be a good mother by helping to raise her granddaughter, Hope.  Virginia doesn’t always do the right thing, especially as a parent, but she does always have her loved ones’ best interests at heart. Even if she did tell Jimmy that he was allergic to all kinds of fruit because it was easier than keeping fruit stocked in the house. To be fair, he is actually allergic to star fruit.

Personality… clever, audacious, and nurturing. Virginia is known for her quick insults, but there’s a loving mother beneath the biting quips. Virginia is more intelligent than she lets on, and she knows that family is important. That’s why she gives up smoking when Hope comes to live with them, and that’s why she takes care of Maw Maw (who’s suffering from dementia) herself even after she’s gotten to be a handful. 

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