Violet Parr

Violet Parr

    The Incredibles
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in suburban Metroville with her parents, retired superheroes Bob and Helen Parr, and younger brothers Dash and Jack-Jack. Violet’s superpower allows her to turn her body invisible at will, and also generate spherical force fields that protect her and anyone within a small radius from physical harm.

Profession… middle-schooler. She exhibits many of the classic characteristics of someone going through that unfortunate time in life, including being timid, moody, and exhibiting social anxiety. Though pretty, Violet conceals most of her face with her long black hair, leaving only one big blue eye visible.

Interests… brooding, reading fashion magazines and staring longingly at Tony Rydinger.

Relationship Status… hopelessly in unrequited love. Violet has a huge crush on her classmate Tony Rydinger, for which Dash ruthlessly teases her.

Challenge… blending in. The only problem is that she is a “Super.” As she yells at her mom, “I want to be normal! What does anyone in this family know about normal?” Her ability to turn invisible literally lets her blend in with her environment, though this is not her goal. She wants to be average — not invisible.

Personality… gloomy and introverted. Violet suffers from self-confidence issues. She is fundamentally different from her peers, but is unable to express herself, lest she compromise her family’s secret and force them to move again. And so she retreats inside her shell.


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