Violet Harmon

Violet Harmon

    American Horror Story

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… on the East coast. Violet is an only child, and grew up with both parents present in her life; Vivien and Ben. Her parents were expecting another child, but Vivien had a miscarriage at seven months. This put a lot of pressure on the entire family, and in a severe lapse of judgment, Ben had an affair with one of his students. Vivien walked in on them. Instead of separating, the family moved to Los Angeles.

Living… in Los Angeles, at the Murder House, infamous for the murders that have happened there with multiple tenants. To be fair, the Harmons did not know about this before moving but after finding out, Violet ends up liking the house more. They also have a dog and nosy neighbors. 

Profession… student at Westfield High School. It’s new, which is only a small part of why she hates it. Violet feels like it is full of pretentious designer people who wouldn't understand her. She often argues with a popular girl named Leah. 

Interests… graphic novels, scary and edgy subjects, and listening to music on full blast. She especially likes listening to Morissey because “he’s cool, he’s pissy, and he hates everyone and everything.”

Relationship Status… interested in Tate Langdon, a psychiatric patient of her father. Unsurprisingly, her father does not approve of this.

Challenge… her parents. They have ongoing marital issues, and she isn’t fitting in at school. Violet is independent, but she enjoys being loved, something that she is currently lacking and in search of.

Personality… angsty, self-destructive, and independent. Her parents joke about how her other option for a name was Sunshine, but they were relieved to have chosen Violet due to her constant moodiness. Her mom calls her fearless, and her dad calls her crabby pants. She appears to have a hard shell, giving snappy remarks to her parents and smoking in the school hallways. But Violet has a softness to her, it comes out with her mother, her neighbor named Adelaide, and Tate. When it comes to protecting someone, Violet will do anything without hesitation.


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