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Living… in the underworld of Los Angeles. Vincent works alone and lives alone. He claims to hate how impersonal Los Angeles is, but it’s not surprising that he wouldn’t have a lot of friends. He is, after all, a contract killer.

Profession… contract killer, posing as a “businessman.” He pays taxi driver Max to take him as his only fare for the night. With Max as his getaway driver, Vincent has to kill five people around Los Angeles by the end of the night, and then get to the airport.  Vincent doesn’t seem to have any remorse for killing these people. When asked if he killed someone, he replies, “No, I shot him. Bullets and the fall killed him.”

Interests… improvisation. In his words, “Whatever man, we gotta roll with it.” He seems to like Max, taking an interest in his life.

Relationship Status… probably single. He’s not the type to attach himself for long. He’s a lone wolf. But, secretive and stoic as he is, he could easily be married and never tell a soul.

Challenge… to kill his five targets, get to the airport, and make a clean getaway. If killing people wasn’t already difficult, Max is being uncooperative, trying to escape and begging Vincent to let him go. It’s a little concerning, especially because Vincent doesn’t really want to have to kill Max for trying to get away. After all, where would he park during his jobs?

Personality… clean, efficient, and impersonal. Vincent doesn’t like to talk about his personal life – he’s here for the job, and that doesn’t cause him too much emotional turmoil. He has a philosophy of rolling with the punches, which he’ll gladly talk about, and he’s polite enough, as long as you’re not in his way.

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