Vincent Lauria
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Vincent Lauria

The Color of Money

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About Him

Living… with his girlfriend, Carmen. Vince, a bit young for his age, needs someone like Carm to watch over him. A pool player is nothing without a good manager behind him.

Visiting… all the major pool clubs on the east coast in preparation for the nine-ball tournament in Atlantic City. It’s on a routine small-time hustle that Vince and Carm meet the great Eddie Felson, who takes an interest in bankrolling Vince’s pool career. It turns out that Vince is the best Eddie’s seen since, well, Eddie himself.

Profession… sales clerk at a toy store called Child World. After meeting Eddie, Vince sees that there’s serious money to be made in pool hustling. “Yeah, let’s play,” he says in his childlike manner. “We’re gonna have a lot of fun!”

Interests… video games, especially an arcade war game called Stocker. “Nine-ball’s not that tough,” he tells Eddie, “You know what’s tough? Stocker.”

Relationship Status… involved with Carm. Though when the couple come across the suave Eddie, Vince starts to worry that Carm is losing interest in him.

Challenge… making it to Atlantic City and fulfilling his own potential. According to Eddie, Vince’s own worst enemy is himself. The immature showboat doesn’t understand that pool hustling isn’t about skill with a cue; it’s about skill with people.

Personality… cocky, energetic and vain. “It’s tough for me to lay down,” Vince admits to Eddie. Don’t try to show up this young champ, though. He’ll take a keen pleasure in showing you who’s boss.

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