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Grew up… in Queens, N.Y. Though Vince’s mother has always supported him, he’s had to learn how to fend for himself. While his family may have been incomplete due to his father’s alcoholism, Vince has never been without his true family: best friends Eric (“E”) and Turtle and his older half-brother Johnny.

Living… the life of a superstar. Vince is the hottest new actor in Hollywood. His breakthrough performance in the film Head On has earned him accolades and hundreds of new job offers. The world is at Vince’s fingertips, but he believes he’s earned a bit of relaxation time. “Work?” he says, quizzically. “Come on. I got into this business so I don’t have to work.”

Profession… actor. Vince is a new arrival to the Hollywood bubble, and he needs his friends and his agent Ari to help him figure out how to manage his career. Fame is fickle, but Vince doesn’t seem to care too much about maintaining his lifestyle. “Don’t forget I came from nothing,” he says, “and as much as I love all the toys, I don’t really need ‘em.” Of course, let’s see how he feels about that in a few years.

Interests… women, cars, and having a good time. Vince doesn’t have to face reality because, frankly, he doesn’t live in reality. In the world of Hollywood, a young superstar can have whatever he wants.

Relationship Status… perennially single. Vince doesn’t want a relationship right now because he doesn’t want the hassle. “Look, breaking up is painful,” he says. “That’s why I never do it. I mean why hurt someone when you can just let it drag on forever?” Besides, Vince just wants to have a little fun with his newfound fame and fortune.

Challenge… maintaining his lifelong friendships in the corrupt world of Hollywood. Vince, despite his relatively shallow lifestyle of glitz and glamour, has a deep connection with his childhood buddies and brother. It would take a lot to separate him from his friends, but then again, Hollywood is known for its excesses and temptations.

Personality… relaxed, fun-loving, and smooth. Vince is a classic man’s man. His suave attitude and good looks are what got him into the entertainment business in the first place, and hopefully those qualities will keep him there.

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