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Vince Papale


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Overview... sandlot football player trying to make the roster of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles. Vince is a tough Philly guy, but the odds are significantly stacked against him. Then again, he doesn’t have much to lose. His wife has left him – saying he’d never amount to anything – and he’s just been laid off. When the new Eagles coach, Dick Vermeil, announces that he’s holding an open tryout for all comers, Vince decides to take a shot. 

Personality... humble, loyal, and determined. Vince loves football, but he doesn’t really think he has that great a shot of really making the NFL. It’s more that he feels that if he really gives it his all, the very act of attempting something so difficult will prove he’s a somebody. But what if he actually makes it? That “what if?” is what drives him. Plus he wouldn’t mind impressing the cute new bartender at his local pub, even if she is a Giants fan.

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