Vince Howard
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Vince Howard

Friday Night Lights (TV)

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Living… in Dillon, Texas. Vince grew up in a dark environment, short on love and low on guidance. Living with a drug addict mother was hard enough, but when his father got out of prison and moved back in, it became intolerable. Vince is caught up in the underbelly of Dillon, spending his time with the town’s shadier characters.

Profession… high school student and star quarterback of the East Dillon Lions. Vince was a troubled and underachieving student but with the help of Coach Taylor, he eventually became the team’s leader on their way to a state championship. Football is seemingly all he has at this point – it's the only consistent source of positivity in his life. Coach Taylor wants to make sure he doesn’t lose that as well.

Interests... reforming his life. Before he committed himself to success on the field, Vince had dangerous associations, leading to frequent run-ins with the cops. His chances at finishing high school seemed slim, and college was out of the question. Now, after two short seasons, he’s getting interest from a variety of colleges and is optimistically planning his future.

Relationship Status... single. Vince already has enough on his plate, though for a while he was competing for the attention of Jess Merriweather with his teammate Landry Clarke. While Landry eventually became involved with Tyra Collette and Vince won Jess over, the relationship never fully materialized, perhaps due to Vince’s troubles and ever-increasing focus on football.

Challenge… overcoming his environment. Nothing in Vince’s life was pointing him towards success. Finally, after being picked up by the cops for the umpteenth time, Coach Taylor gave Vince a choice: football or jail. Vince took the initiative and embraced his new responsibilities. His past still catches up to him, at times in tragic and dangerous ways, but Vince has managed to stay on the right track.

Personality… courageous. No one ever expected anything from Vince. But Coach Taylor saw that underneath the misguided tomfoolery was a hard-working star quarterback in the making. On the field, he’s not as arrogant as Smash or as brooding as Tim Riggins – he’s squarely focused on his job. He has to reconcile his passion on the field with his troubles at home. He was forced to grow up too quickly, without a real role model for success.

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