Mistborn:The Final Empire

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Grew up… on the streets. Vin never knew her father, her mother went crazy, and her brother abandoned her, so her closest 'family' up until now has been a gang of thieves who weren't exactly the best company.

Living… in the midst of a revolution. The mysterious Kelsier recruited her to help overthrow the tyrannical Lord Ruler, telling Vin she possesses Allomancy, the ability to eat metals and “burn” them to grant magical powers. But even if that’s true, Vin’s not sure she can be of much help.

Profession… former thief and current Allomancy student. Vin doesn’t miss her life on the streets, and she loves her Allomancy lessons – after all, she has one of the best Allomancers ever as her teacher. Currently, her job is to pose as a young noblewoman and infiltrate the Lord Ruler's court.

Interests… up until now, staying alive. But now that Vin’s out of the gang, she’s starting to develop her own interests. Much to her own surprise and embarrassment, Vin enjoys the pretty dresses and sparkling jewelry that she wears to disguise herself as a nobility.

Relationship Status… single. In the gang, it was better to avoid notice; Vin knew the kind of things that happened to girls in the underworld. At the balls she attends as part of her noble act, Vin isn’t interested in any of the men – except for the eccentric Elend Venture. Unfortunately, he’s a nobleman, and probably horribly corrupt.

Challenge… overthrowing the Lord Ruler. Although everyone believes the Lord Ruler is immortal, Kelsier thinks he can be killed. Vin isn’t sure if he's right, but she’s willing to try, as it is under the Lord Ruler's command that Vin's people, the skaa, are forced into hopeless slavery.

Personality… developing. Before, Vin never let herself have much of a personality – she just tried to stay quiet and unnoticed. Now her real self is beginning to appear, and Vin’s just as blunt, no-frills, and independent as you would expect a former street urchin to be. She’s beginning to have some affection for her crew, though, and especially Kelsier.

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