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Living… in a monastery in LindesfarneNorthumbria. At a young age, Athelstan’s parents abandoned him at the monastery, and the monks there saved and raised him. Because of this, he has dedicated his life to being a good Christian monk.  

Visiting… Kattegat, Scandinavia. When Vikings raid the monastery, Athelstan is captured by a Viking warrior named Ragnar, who spares Athelstan because he can speak their native language. Athelstan is brought by Ragnar to the Viking village of Kattegat.  

Profession… monk and slave. Athelstan is forced to be a slave to Ragnar and his wife, Lagertha. He must help them take care of their farm and raise their children. At least Ragnar and Lagertha treat him with decency and do not seem to be cruel masters.   

Interests… illuminating manuscripts and praying. Under the tutelage of the father of his church, Athelstan excelled at writing and Biblical knowledge. But in his new home in Kattegat, no one except Ragnar seems to care much for Athelstan’s intelligence. 

Relationship Status… single. As a monk, he’s taken celibacy vows.  

Challenge… adapting to Viking society and maintaining his faith. Living with the pagan Vikings is challenging in every aspect: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Although he has been taught that Vikings were soulless and cruel, Athelstan sees that there are Vikings like Ragnar and Lagertha who seem kind and loving.   

Personality… worldly, naive, and loyal. Although his cerebral skills were very valued at Lindesfarne, they seem far less applicable in Kattegat, where strength, cunning, and charisma are key. Surrounded by strangers, Athelstan must figure out who to trust among this nest of vipers. 

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