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About Him

Grew Up... in the real world. Joe grew up watching hours and hours of classic nerdy superhero and monster movies in the theater run by his father. He would slack off his duties in the real world to escape to the movies.

Living... in Movieland. Joe’s wishes came true when, during a date, he and his girlfriend were snatched into Movieland, a world where fictional film characters are real.

Profession... superhero. In Movieland, Joe met his hero, the aging Captain Blue, who gave him a powerful V-Watch. By saying the word “Henshin,” Joe can now transform into the stylish superhero Viewtiful Joe. But he prefers to use his catchphrase, “Henshin-A-Go-Go, baby!”

Interests... movies. Movies aren’t just Joe’s passion, they are his life. Fortunately, his robust film knowledge is what allows him to triumph over the cliché forces of pop culture darkness in Movieland.

Relationship Status... in a relationship. Joe is dating Silvia, who alas is starting to lose patience with him. She fears he loves movies more than her. He also has a pretty good relationship with his kid sister Jasmine, an aspiring actress.

Challenge... rescuing Silvia. When Joe and Silvia were sucked into Movieland, Silvia was then kidnapped by the evil Jadow organization as part of its plot to invade the real world. So Joe must use his new superhero abilities to rescue her.                                                                

Personality... fanatical and over-the-top, but improving. No one can deny Joe’s enthusiasm for movies. But while loving something is great, his overwhelming fanboy devotion to it can also make him immature and a little irresponsible. However, becoming Viewtiful Joe has made him more heroic overall, even when not on camera. 

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