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The Long Good Friday

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About Her

Grew Up… in the life of British aristocracy. At the opposite end of the social spectrum from her boyfriend, Harold, Victoria grew up in the drawing rooms and polo grounds frequented by the British upper classes, while Harold learned his life-lessons in the slums.

Living… in London, at her boyfriend’s side. Victoria has spent her entire life in respectable society, and even claims to have played polo with Princess Anne. Today, she’s living at the very top of Harold’s criminal underworld.

Profession… Harold’s right-hand woman. Victoria spends her time helping the pugnacious Harold run his criminal empire, or “the Corporation” as he likes to call it. While Harold manages the rough side of things, Victoria helps with the art of negotiation.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with Harold. Victoria is absolutely dedicated to her boyfriend and business partner. She and Harold are two sides of the same coin. They couldn’t operate without each other.

Challenge… helping Harold seal his latest business deal. Victoria and Harold are looking to take themselves out of the shady underworld and into legitimate business. Victoria is on the verge of ending negotiations until disaster strikes. It seems that someone is out to kill Harold, and Victoria finds herself directly in the line of fire.

Personality… tough, charming, and sophisticated. Victoria is capable of stabilizing the hot-tempered Harold. As his equal in business and in love, she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself when she believes she’s being abused. As she reprimands Harold one day, “Don’t treat me like one of your thugs!”

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