Victoria Grayson
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Victoria Grayson


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About Her

Living... in the grandiose Grayson Manor in the Hamptons with her husband Conrad and their children, Daniel and Charlotte. The house is Victoria’s domain and a symbol of the Grayson family’s immense wealth. From her balcony on the upper floor, Victoria often enjoys spying on her new neighbor, the mysterious Emily Thorne.

Profession... Queen of the Hamptons– it’s not an official title, but it might as well be. Everyone else can only dream to be as fabulous, rich, and powerful as she is. Through luncheons, charity auctions, and sometimes good ol’ violence, Victoria has almost everyone in the Hamptons wrapped around her finger.

Interests...  maintaining her social status and pushing her children to achieve their potential. Her children are her first priority and Victoria would do anything to make sure they are safe and, more importantly, perfect. She obsesses over everything, from whom Daniel talks with to what dresses Charlotte wears.

Relationship Status... married. On the surface, Victoria’s marriage with Conrad may seem picture perfect, but things are heading into rough waters. She’s suspicious that Conrad may be having an affair, but Victoria is not going to let an affair ruin their marriage and upset her social status. And it’s not like Victoria herself hasn’t had a few affairs…

Challenge... investigating Emily, the girl who is suspiciously involved in the plots and dramas going down in the Hamptons recently. Daniel seems to also be romantically interested in her, which means that Victoria is going to even further investigate Emily and find out whatever secrets she has. The life of a socialite housewife may seem easy, but it’s going to take everything Victoria has to keep her family’s reputation clean and status high in the coming months.

Personality... manipulative, ruthless, and protective. Victoria will stop at nothing to protect her family. But her way of keeping her family safe often means using them as pawns and manipulating them to suit her purposes. Victoria’s brand of twisted love often puts her at odds with her children despite her best attempts to keep them close.

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