Victoria Grant
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Victoria Grant

Victor Victoria

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About Her

Grew Up… in early 20th century Britain. By the time she’s grown though, she’s eking out her existence in the shady parts of Paris’ club scene.

Living… in an impoverished state in Paris in the 1930s. Victoria can’t even afford a room at a seedy hotel, and her clothes are so cheap they shrink in the rain. And she is so hungry that she tells a man: "I'll sleep with you for a meatball."

Profession… singer, or she would be if only she could land a gig. After a chance encounter with Toddy, an older gay nightclub singer, she’ll have all the gigs she could ever want – if she’s fine with performing under the guise of Count Victor Gravinski, a gay Polish female impersonator. With Toddy as her/his manager, Victor(ia) is going to be the toast of the upper class Paris scene. As long as no one finds out she’s really a woman, that is.

Interests… singing in nightclubs, scamming restaurants for free meals, and avoiding the advances of her landlord. Unfortunately, Victoria is too poor to really have any interests outside of trying to get a job.

Relationship Status… as unattached to any man as she is to any career. She’ll pretend to be Toddy’s lover for the sake of her disguise, although neither of them have any real interest in each other. But a handsome club owner from Chicago, King Marchand, seems interested in her – at least, he seems interested in proving that Victor Grazinski isn’t really a man.

Challenge…. getting enough money from singing that she doesn’t have to resort to scamming restaurants for a free meal. Soon, she’ll be performing in Paris’ finest establishments, but her life only gets more complicated from there.

Personality… witty, tough, and free-spirited. Victoria is up for anything, even pulling a double-cross-dressing act. Her firey temper sometimes leads her to do impulsive things, like shatter a glass with her voice after being rejected from a nightclub gig. She tries her best not to let her impoverished state get her down, but even Victoria has her breaking point.

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