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Victor Laszlo


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Living… as a fugitive in Casablanca, circa 1941. Lazlo is a member of the Czech Resistance, but has fled with the authorities hot on his heels. Now he’s staying in Casablanca only as long as it takes to get him and his wife, Ilsa, to America and freedom.

Profession… resistance fighter. Lazlo and his colleagues are battling the Nazi occupation – or were, until Lazlo had to leave. However, Lazlo plans to continue his anti-Nazi activities from America.

Interests… preventing the spread of fascism. Lazlo believes deeply that the entire world is imperiled by the Nazis and their allies. He hopes to rally resistance from afar.

Relationship Status… married. His beautiful wife Ilsa once believed him dead, but he was able to get word to her, and they reunited. Here in Casablanca, he knows that Ilsa’s former love, Rick, still carries a torch for her, and vice versa. For Victor’s sake, hopefully Ilsa will resist Rick’s charms.

Challenge… escaping the Nazis and getting to America. Lazlo already escaped a concentration camp, but getting across the ocean might be even harder. He knows that someone in Casablanca has the papers that will let him and Ilsa get on a plane and fly out of here. But the authorities are bearing down on him, and a lot of people want to get their hands on those precious papers.

Personality… principled, passionate, and intelligent. Lazlo’s political beliefs are at the core of what drives him. While he loves his wife, of course, it’s his love of freedom and justice that are most apparent when he talks.

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