Victor von Doom
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Victor von Doom

Fantastic Four

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About Him

Grew up… in Latveria. He spent his childhood in Eastern Europe then moved to the United States to attend college.

Living… with some disturbing changes. Victor recently funded a rival’s project – Reed Richard needed a spaceship to study a particular brand of cosmic radiation that he believed could accelerate evolution. Victor accompanied Reed on the space expedition, and was accidentally exposed to the mysterious radiation. Upon his return to earth, he began to notice the disturbing effects: his skin turned to metal, and he could now control electricity.

Profession… former CEO of Von Doom Industries. A scientific prodigy, Victor left academia at a young age and used his genius to accrue incredible wealth. Unfortunately, the expensive space mission’s failure destroyed Victor’s company. The stock plummeted, and Von Doom Industries was left in ruins.

Interests… revenge. Reed Richards took everything from Doctor Doom – his appearance, his company, and his girlfriend, Sue Storm. With nothing left to lose, Victor Von Doom has dedicated himself to destroying Reed’s new team of superheroes, the Fantastic Four.

Relationship status… single. Victor was dating his chief genetics officer Sue Storm, but in the wake of their failed space mission, she’s gone back to her ex-boyfriend Reed Richards.

Challenge… finding a way to defeat the Fantastic Four. Victor’s newfound powers and incredible intelligence serve to make him a formidable foe, but he’ll need to come up with a truly lethal and dastardly plan if he hopes to overcome the combined might of the Fantastic Four.

Personality… cold, ruthless, and utterly dedicated to perfection. Victor is blinded by his arrogance, and is deeply haunted by even his most minor failures. His self-obsession also makes him prone to jealousy. He can’t stand the idea that his rival Reed Richards enjoys success while he wallows in misery. Vengeful and cruel, Victor has no problem living up to his morbid namesake.

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