Victor Nikiforov

Victor Nikiforov

    Yuri on Ice

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… practically on ice. Viktor's been skating and competing since he was a child, and it shows: under the guidance of his coach, Yakov, Viktor's dominated men's skating since he was sixteen.

Living... Saint Petersburg, Russia. As the world's best male figure skater, Viktor currently lives in a swanky flat with his beloved poodle, Makkachin.

Visiting... Hasetsu, Japan! After seeing a viral video of Japanese skater Yuri Katsuki performing one of his old routines, Viktor flies straight from Russia to Japan to coach Yuri. Yuri, who expects none of this, is—along with the rest of the world—suitably shocked.  

Profession… professional ice skater, though currently on hiatus. When Viktor Nikiforov announces he's taking the year off to coach the skater who placed last in the previous Grand Prix Final, the skating world explodes with gossip and outrage. They shouldn't be surprised, though; Viktor's always lived by the philosophy that, "you have to do the opposite of what people expect. How else will you surprise them?"

Interests… currently developing them! Now that he's taking a break, Viktor's decided to focus on "life" and "love," since his career means he's "been neglecting both for over twenty years." In addition to posting more pictures of Makkachin on Instagram, Viktor's been enjoying Japan's temples, hot springs, and delicious katsudon.

Relationship Status… complicated. There's no doubt Viktor Nikiforov is ice skating's most eligible bachelor—that's basically been true for the last ten years. What the world wants to know, however, is what has Viktor acting so lovelorn, and whether this has to do with a certain ice skater from Japan... 

Challenge… coaxing Yuri. He might be a genius at choreographing and performing programs, but Viktor has less experience on the other side of the rink. Coaching someone with Yuri's level of anxiety proves to be an especial challenge, and there are times when Viktor is clearly in over his head. Overall though, his methods seem to be working—working with the theme of "love," Yuri's been having his best season yet.

Personality… less cool than he seems. In public, Viktor is all rock star charm, a skating genius who can dazzle women and men alike with a single glance. Outside of the public eye though, Viktor's a cheerful goof who talks to his dog and who doesn't seem to either understand—or care about—conventional social norms. Such as the appropriateness of appearing naked before your student. Multiple times.


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