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Victor Mancini


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About Him

Grew Up… without a father, moving rapidly from place to place at the direction of his psychotic mother.

Living… in a dumpy apartment in New Jersey.

Profession… tour guide at a colonial reenactment village. He dresses up in silly pants and leads groups of kids on field trips through a half-hearted recreation of history. Victor thinks his job is pointless, sarcastically describing his position by saying, “I’m the backbone of colonial America!”  

Interests… sleeping around. Victor is a self-described sex addict, attending weekly meetings to try and cope. In addition to trying to sex up everyone he sees, Victor has an even more bizarre hobby: pretending to asphyxiate at nice restaurants. He does so to trick people into giving him money, claiming that “once someone saves your life, they’ll love you forever.”

Relationship Status… single. Victor is too interested in casual hookups to participate in a solid relationship. Once he’s slept with them, he usually moves on.

Challenge… discovering who he is. Victor is desperate for more information about who his father was and where he came from, but his mother’s mental state makes obtaining any information difficult. He works the job he hates and scrapes together pennies in order to pay for fancy hospital care for his mother in the hopes of finding some clues about his father.

Personality… cynical, brusque, and burned out. Victor doesn’t put full effort into anything anymore. He uses sex as a crutch to help take his mind off of how meaningless and futile he thinks his existence is, and does the bare minimum to get by everywhere else. Always looking for the easy way out, Victor has an active mind that’s constantly scheming and evaluating his situation. Deep down, he’s motivated by a feeling of incompleteness perpetuated by his absent father, and seeks to understand more about how his life ended up being so twisted and absurd. He’s slimy and manipulative – but even worse, he’s aware of it and uses this reputation to his advantage. 

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