Victor Frankenstein
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Victor Frankenstein


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About Him

Living… in the town of New Holland. Victor lives with his parents, Edward and Susan, and his beloved pet dog Sparky.

Profession… student and aspiring scientist. Although he’s just an 11-year-old schoolboy, Victor is very talented and creative.

Interests… making films, inventing, and playing with his dog. Victor loves monsters and horror, and creates ‘50s style monster movies, often with his dog in the starring role as the monster. When he’s not producing his next film, Victor enjoys inventing new things, and plans to enter into the school science fair.

Relationship Status… single. Victor is just a young boy, but he does have a crush on his neighbor, Elsa Van Helsing. Although Elsa is somber and quiet herself, she seems to have an interest in Victor.

Challenge… fitting in, and bringing his dead dog back to life. After accepting his parents’ urgings to take up a normal hobby like baseball, Victor hits a home run out of the park, but his dog Sparky decided to chase down the ball. Sparky was hit and killed by a passing car. Resolving to use the power of lightening to reanimate his dog, Victor ascends into his attic in order to bring his beloved Sparky back. But he has to keep his plans a secret from the rest of the town – who knows what havoc could be wrecked in raising the dead…

Personality… shy, kind, and brilliant. Victor is a sweet boy, but he spends most of his time alone in his attic. Due to his introverted nature, he struggles to make friends, despite being very friendly. His macabre tastes for horror cinematography certainly don’t help him to fit in, and his parents, although they enjoy the movies he makes, just wish that he was more normal. 

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