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Vickie Miner

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Living… in an apartment in Houston, Texas, with her college friend, Lelaina. Their other friend, the down-on-his-luck (or maybe just lazy) Troy, ends up crashing on their couch for a while.

Visiting… a local health clinic to take an STD test. The recent epidemic of HIV/AIDS in the early 90’s has hit close to home – one of Vickie’s friends has recently tested positive. 

Profession… assistant manager at the Gap. While she’s proud of her recent promotion, it also marks the moment when she realizes this could be her life for the foreseeable future – jean folding seminars, store closings, and mannequins.

Interests… alcohol, music, and funky jewelry. For Vickie, nothing is more important than good times with her friends, whether that means playing a drinking game in front of TV reruns or sharing fries and a cigarette in an all-night diner.

Relationship Status… single, unless you count one-night stands as relationships. Vickie has had plenty of those, mostly because she’s too scared of rejection to try and make them last any longer than a few hours.   

Challenge… growing up after college without losing herself. When Lelaina loses her job, Vickie becomes the most stable person in their group of friends – a new role for her that she doesn’t necessarily love.

Personality… sarcastic, nurturing, and eclectic. Vickie has a dry sense of humor and loves to spend time with her friends. She works hard but doesn’t like to admit it, because she’s scared of growing older and becoming like her parents. 

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