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Vianne Rocher


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Living… in a French village still bound up in its own rigid traditions. A free spirit, Vianne isn’t used to life in such a small, archaic community, and she finds its old rituals constraining. As she sighs to her daughter, Anouk, “It’s not easy being different." Still, Vianne doesn't let her status as an outsider get her too down, refusing to be dissuaded from her dreams by her neighbors' disapproved.

Profession… expert chocolatier. Vianne has taken her talents all over Europe, but she’s finally decided to set up a permanent chocolaterie in her new village. Unfortunately, she’s decided to set up shop at the beginning of Lent – a time of restraint and self-discipline.

Interests… chocolate, of course. Vianne believes that it has the power to excite people and ignite their passions.

Relationship Status… developing a romance with Roux, a fellow free spirit and gypsy. However, like Roux, Vianne is used to traveling, and has never developed ties to a specific place or person.

Challenge… finding a place for herself and helping her fellow villagers enjoy life. Vianne wants nothing more than to make people happy. But she’s finding it hard to show her fellow villagers the joys of chocolate when the mayor, draconian mayor Comte Paul de Reynaud, seems to view her as a personal enemy.

Personality… vivacious and energetic. Vianne, who doesn’t go to church regularly and has a child out of wedlock, feels different from the pious villagers. Despite this, she doggedly persists, knowing that chocolate and pleasure have a way of bringing wonder to those who have none.

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