Veronica Franco
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Veronica Franco

Dangerous Beauty

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About Her

Grew Up... without much money, since her father drank it all away. Since she couldn’t afford to marry the man she loved and didn’t want to marry another, Veronica had two choices: become a nun, or a courtesan. She chose the latter.

Living... in the 16th century in Venice. There's not a man in that city she can't have.

Profession... courtesan. For her, it was a better choice than getting married (or becoming a nun). As she explains, "I traded yearning for power, welcomed many rather than be owned by one. I embraced a whore's freedom over a wife's obedience. I found more ecstasy in passion than in prayer."

Interests... reading. With access to all the great books in the Venetian library, courtesans are among the most educated women in the world. Strongly believing a woman's greatest asset is an education, Veronica takes full advantage of her situation.

Relationship Status... single. Because her dowry was too small for the type of men she wanted, Veronica lost her true love, Marco Venier – he got married to a rich girl who can’t even read. But he's happy to still see her on the side.

Challenge... dealing with the new war that's broken out. It's up to Veronica to seduce the King of France to secure a military alliance with Venice against Turkey. But even if she manages that, not all the factions of Venice approve of her or her power.

Personality... bold and unapologetic. Despite what others may whisper, Veronica has no regrets for the life she has led. Veronica is an independent woman who loves learning, speaks for herself, and meets her challenges practically, solving problems with a combination of beauty and intelligence.

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