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About Him

Living… in a London home with his wife. Vernon has a good position and is pretty well off. He has a car, albeit small, but with a chauffeur.

Profession… editor of the Judge, a newspaper that is not doing so well. As editor, he gets to make the very important decision of which stories the newspaper will publish. Unfortunately, that also makes him responsible for increasing the paper’s popularity, which is proving difficult.

Interests… remembering his ex Molly, sex with other women, and disliking Julian Garmony. Garmony is the Foreign Secretary and another former lover of Molly’s; Vernon considers him an enemy.

Relationship Status… married to his wife Mandy. But he also has a mistress on the side.

Challenge… increasing circulation of the Judge to keep his position. Perhaps publishing more sensationalist stories, even if they’re not ethical, would get the job done. If he also gets to ruin Julian Garmony’s political career with a well-hyped scoop, then that would be the icing on his cake.

Personality… ambitious, insincere, and rather mediocre. Vernon is “a man who did not fully exist. Within his profession Vernon was revered as a nonentity.” It seems he got his position as editor quite by accident. Despite this, and maybe because of this, Vernon is very aggressive about increasing his paper’s readership, even willing to betray his own morals for it.

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