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Grew up… learning about the supremacy of the white race from his father. Vern grew up to be a vehement racist who “went to prison for [his] beliefs.” Within Oswald State Penitentiary (“Oz”), he’s been reduced to a number: “Prisoner #92S110. Convicted October 21, 1992 – Aggravated assault in the first degree. Sentence: Eight years, eligible for parole in five.”

Living… drug-free and pure. Vern doesn’t believe in the poisons that circulate through Oz. He would never taint his white blood with the drugs of what he calls the “lower” races. Vern’s real addiction, though, is power. 

Profession… prison inmate, and leader of Oz’s Aryan Brotherhood. Vern is willing to go to any measure to make sure that the whites remain in power in Oz.

Interests… torturing his “prag” and roommate, Beecher. Vern, who refers to Beecher as “Sweet Pea,” enjoys abusing and humiliating the former lawyer. “Yeah, livestock,” he tells Tobias. “That’s what you are… my livestock.”

Relationship Status… widowed. Vern’s only remaining family are his two children, whom he’ll do anything to protect: “A man does everything he can for his kids. Comforts them, loves them. Sacrifices everything for their happiness.”

Challenge… making sure the Aryan Brotherhood comes out on top amongst Oz’s perpetual gang war. Vern’s only friends are his fellow white supremacists, and he must learn how to make other allies if he wants to survive.

Personality… sadistic, cruel, and power-hungry. Vern, despite the fact that he often speaks in a calm, soothing voice, is capable of inflicting unimaginable pain on his victims.

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