Veralidaine Sarrasri

Veralidaine Sarrasri

The Immortals Quartet Series

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About Her

Grew up… in a small village in Galla, in the mountains. Daine never knew her father, and suffered that stigma. But something much worse happened when her village was attacked by bandits. Her family was killed, and Daine went into the woods, planning revenge on the bandits.

Living… in Tortall. Daine has always had a talent with animals, and she gave up her wild life in the woods to work with Onua, the horsemistress of the Queen’s Rider’s in Tortall. Now she’s living near the stables, and getting to know a whole host of important people – including Numair, a powerful mage who thinks Daine’s gift with animals is something supernatural.

Profession… horse-trainer. Daine doesn’t have any official instruction when it comes to horses, but she barely needs it. She can talk to the horses, and so as long as she can persuade them to co-operate with her, training is a breeze.

Interests… archery, tracking, and animals. Daine is an expert archer, and excels at all aspects of wilderness survival. She loves animals, and sometimes worries that her interaction with them is harmful.

Relationship Status… single. Daine is just starting to make friends who aren’t animals, and she’s still cautious around humans. Animals are more straightforward, and less dangerous.

Challenge… balancing her human and animal obligations, and learning how to use her magic. Numair says she has a great power, but Daine is afraid that if she uses her magic, she’ll lose herself in it and become an animal herself. There’s violence and war brewing, and Daine could help, but only if she is willing to ask animals to get involved in human conflicts – and she’s not so sure that she is.

Personality… stubborn but caring. Daine is naturally inclined to help and protect both animals and people. She refuses to do anything she thinks is a bad idea, and it usually takes a lot to change her mind. Daine is powerful, but hesitates to use her power.


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