Vanessa Huxtable
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Vanessa Huxtable

The Cosby Show

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About Her

Living... with her large family in Brooklyn Heights, New York. Vanessa, the second youngest in a family of seven, is perennially bogged down by her parents’ rules. Cliff and Clair Huxtable run a strict household, at least in Vanessa’s eyes. 

Profession... student. Vanessa focuses most of her energy on her studies. She works very hard at school and does exceptionally well.

Interests... family gossip. Vanessa is extremely nosey, always very interested in the rest of her family's business. For example, when Theo gets in trouble and she wants to know why, she coyly asks her father, "It's a shame what happened. What did you say to Theo when you found out?" But she is just pretending to know the situation in order to get more information on the subject. Her curiosity often leads to her getting caught snooping.

Relationship Status... single. Vanessa experiences a small amount of romance and heartbreak at school, but nothing more serious than a normal experience growing up. 

Challenge... peer pressure. Vanessa experiences a good deal of compromising situations while growing up. Since she does so well in school she likely feels even more inclined to come off as cool and not a nerd to her classmates.  She is faced with decisions regarding smoking, drinking, and sneaking out of the house, often with much difficulty as she does clearly know right from wrong but is also, of course, young and finds it hard to say no.

Personality... studious, gossipy, and a bit conniving. Vanessa is generally a very good daughter and, aside from her frequent arguments with her younger sister Ruby, leaves her parents little to worry about. She experiences more direct cases of peer pressure than her siblings, but is also very intelligent and is usually able to make the right call. She is the hardest working and most dedicated of the Huxtable children and generally needs the least direction from her parents, able to motivate herself and point herself in the direction of future success.

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