Vanessa Abrams
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Vanessa Abrams

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About Her

Living… in Brooklyn, with her sister Ruby. Vanessa grew up in the city, and was best friends with Dan Humphrey for years. But right as their feelings were developing into something more, Vanessa and her parents moved to Vermont. Now that she’s back, she has to find a place on the Upper East Side, despite her complete rejection of the “high society” lifestyle.

Profession… aspiring filmmaker. Vanessa is the “documentary girl,” whose artistic pursuits are her biggest passion. She hasn’t been given the luxury of a guaranteed admission to an Ivy League school like many of her peers, so her ultimate goal is to go to NYU to study film.

Interests... mentoring Dan’s younger sister, Jenny. Part of Vanessa’s interest in Jenny stems from her desire to stay close to Dan, who she still has feelings for. But she also has genuine concern for Jenny’s wellbeing, and gives her advice about parental issues and navigating the Constance Billard social scene.

Relationship Status... single, but yearning for Dan Humphrey. After Dan confessed his love for her the night before she moved away, Vanessa hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him. However, when she returns to the city and finds Dan mixed up with “it girl” Serena van der Woodsen, Vanessa knows she can’t admit her feelings without facing social exile. She bides her time and continues her friendship with Dan even though it's difficult to watch him date someone else.

Challenge… staying afloat in the catty atmosphere of the Upper East Side. Though she considers herself vastly different from the other girls her age, Vanessa is not above scheming to get what she wants. Vanessa might feel “over” the scene, but she’s an integral part of it. Really, all she wants is to make a great film and be with a great guy.

Personality… artistic and honest. Vanessa is no stranger to being called a “freak,” just because she doesn’t care about the dominating social norms. She says what she thinks and does what she wants. She’s not spoiled or privileged like her peers. She prefers the life of a bohemian artist to that of a fashion model. She’s spontaneous and free-spirited, with a dark and mysterious side.

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