Val Waxman
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Val Waxman

Hollywood Ending

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About Him

Grew up… a critically acclaimed film director with one big hit. However, since then his job – and his wife and star of the screen, Ellie – were taken away from him by a studio head.

Living…  with his girlfriend Lori, in their small apartment. Ever since Val’s one-hit-wonder movie, he’s been directing terribly cheesy TV commercials just to keep up with rent.

Profession… film director turned commercial director. Val hates the demeaning gigs he’s forced to do just to pay his bills, such as shooting a deodorant commerical in arctic Canada. He dreams of getting back into the “real” filmmaking business. Fortunately, a new job opportunity just opened up. Unfortunately, it’s being offered by his ex-wife, Ellie.

Relationship Status… currently supporting his live-in girlfriend, Lori. But when he's back on set with his ex-wife, sparks fly. Sure, the two of them finally talk out where the pair of them went wrong matrimonially, but perhaps they're actually made for each other?

Challenge… directing a blockbuster hit once again. When his ex-wife and her new studio executive husband offer him a shot to direct a big film set in New York City, he jumps at the chance. Although, there's a part of him that is pretty tentative about accepting their offer: "You know, I would kill for this job, but the people I want to kill are the people offering me the job." On top of this, during a psychosomatic episode at the start of filming, Val loses his eyesight.

Personality… nervous, jumpy, and neurotic. His vision loss is due to the building anxiety of getting his second chance at directorial glory – indeed, his entire professional reputation is riding on the film's success. This only adds to his neuroses and worries. However, Val always has a witty response to any situation; he's the master of the quip.

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