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Grew Up... on Earth, with her Japanese mother. Ulala loved watching shows like Galaxy Kids News with Shinichiro Tachibana.

Living... with Space Channel 5. After nearly losing her life in a spaceship accident as a child, Ulala was rescued by a reporter for Space Channel 5, a galactic broadcasting station. She then aspired to join the organization out of gratitude.

Profession... reporter. Eventually Ulala got her chance to work for Space Channel 5 as its spunky new reporter. She even has a signature catchphrase, “Hey there, space cats!” But it would be a few more years before she got the chance to cover any serious stories.

Interests... music. Along with her passion for journalism, Ulala loves music and is an accomplished dancer. She has an intense rivalry with fellow dancer and competing reporter Pudding, who works for Channel 42.

Relationship Status... single. Ulala is fairly self-reliant, but she does have a lot of respect and admiration for Jaguar, the reporter that saved her life and started her on this career path.

Challenge... rescuing the hostages. When Spaceport 9, one of Earth’s major space travel hubs, is invaded by Morolians, Ulala is given the chance to cover the story. She wants to help the hostages, but she also believes this big break will cement her as an intergalactic TV superstar.              

Personality... confident. Ulala’s combination of youthful energy, excitement, ability, and drive make her a force to be reckoned with. 

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