Tyra Collette
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Tyra Collette

Friday Night Lights (TV)

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About Her

Living… in Dillon, Texas with her sister and mother. Tyra feels stranded in her hometown and is looking for any escape route.

Profession… waitress at Applebees. Her job contributes to her feeling of hopelessness, as she doesn’t see much of a future in it, but depends on it to save up money for college and help her family. She wants to break the Collette mold through pursuing higher education. Nevertheless, her job takes time away from her studies, and too often she's burning the candle at both ends.

Interests... looking out for her family. She encourages her mother to get a job and stop depending on her abusive boyfriend.

Relationship Status... dating football star Tim Riggins, despite actively hating football and the Dillon Panthers. Her heart isn’t fully in the relationship, and she cheats constantly. Their relationship is doomed when Tim pulls away after his best friend Jason is in an accident. Tyra cheats on him with Smash and they break up.

Challenge… escaping her environment. Tyra is actively trying to go above and beyond anyone’s expectations of her. Along the way, she faces failure, poverty, and serious misfortunes. She often feels hopeless and doomed to a life of shallow sexual encounters, low-end jobs, and low-rent acquaintances.

Personality… feisty. The incongruence between where she is and where she wants to be gives her a chip on her shoulder. She can be callous and verbally abusive to her friends and enemies alike. She often anticipates bad treatment and keeps her guard up in defense. She hates where she is physically, socially, academically, and mentally. But she perseveres, and plans to graduate with a newfound sense of self-worth.

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