Tyler Locke

Tyler Locke

    Locke & Key

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Seattle, Washington. He had plenty of friends there, and enjoyed his life, but that life was ruined for him when he witnessed the murder of his father in the family home.

Living… in the ancestral Locke home, in the small town of Matheson, MA. Tyler’s father grew up in the giant Key House, but the rest of the family had never been before now. Tyler is far away from his friends, living in a falling-apart mansion, and none too happy about it.

Profession… high school student. However, the mysterious properties of Key House end up making him more like a fulltime paranormal investigator.

Interests… sports. He was on the hockey team back in Seattle, and fortunately Matheson has a hockey team as well. But he’s going to have to work his way back up from the bottom of the pecking order—and he’s not even sure if that’s what he wants to do in this new environment.

Relationship Status… single, for now. He came down with an instant crush on Jackie, another student, but she’s not a fan of the jocks Tyler has been hanging around with. He’ll need to find a way to prove he’s not shallow or sexist if he wants to get her attention.

Challenge… protecting his family, and family legacy. Their father never said anything about it, but Key House holds a number of magical keys, capable of doing anything from changing your appearance to teleporting you anywhere in the world. There are bad people looking for these keys, and they’re not afraid to kill to get them.

Personality… responsible, strong, and conflicted. At his best, Tyler is the leader of his siblings, the most practical, and the most likely to try and do the right thing. However, the trauma he’s undergone—and the chronic condition of being a teenager—makes him prone to angry outbursts and self-sabotage. He’s trying to hold it together, but without some support, Tyler might crack under the pressure.


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