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About Him

Grew up… in Queens, N.Y. Turtle never misses a chance to represent his pride in his home city, even going as far as threatening to insult (in person) Tom Brady, the quarterback of the New England Patriots, the hated rivals of Turtle’s beloved New York Giants.

Living… with his childhood friend Vincent Chase in Los Angeles. Turtle is definitely a fish out of water in L.A. His tough-talking, streetwise ways seem a bit out of place in the manicured environment of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. As he says, “This is like Far Rockaway minus the crack whores."

Profession… Vince’s driver. Turtle also takes responsibility for managing household duties, marijuana requests and shopping. But this is less of a profession than a lifestyle. Turtle has been Vince’s friend going back to the old neighborhood in Queens, and he’ll always be loyal to him and protect his interests. Now Vince has hit it big as a young Hollywood actor and Turtle is along for the ride.

Interests… cars, girls and weed. Turtle loves the finer things in life, and often advises Vince on what to buy and where to buy it. His true love, though, is food. It’s his dream to open up a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Relationship Status… single. Turtle loves the ladies, but he famously has little luck with them. He’s full of gossip about Hollywood women. For example, “I heard Pamela Anderson dropped another [bra] size.”

Personality… loyal and funny. Turtle is the perfect sidekick for Vince. He’s always around to make sure Vince gets what he wants and to provide the group with a few laughs.

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