Turanga Leela

Turanga Leela

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... on Earth in the 31st century. She assumes her cyclopean look means she's from a far-away planet, but really, she's the daughter of two mutants who live in the sewers below New New York City. 

Profession... captain of the Planet Express Ship, a delivery ship that transports goods across the universe. She's both the brains and the muscle of the operation, because her co-workers Philip Fry and the robot Bender are real idiots.

Interests… animal rights. In her travels throughout the universe, she adopts a poor, defenseless alien named Nibbler. But it turns out he's way more than she bargained for – he's actually a member of a super-wise alien race and poops the dark matter that fuels her ship.

Relationship Status...  hit on constantly, but mercifully single. Her two most persistent suitors are her dumb co-worker Fry and the cocky spaceship captain Zap Brannigan. The sweet-hearted Fry could win her over eventually, but for now, she makes sure to keep him at a distance. 

Challenge... finding her parents. She doesn't know they're right below her and gave her to an orphanage as a baby to provide her with a normal life. She looks for answers in the far reaches of the galaxy, but she won't learn her true past until she ventures below the surface.        

Personality... tough, lethal, and no-nonsense. So it's just her luck that she's stuck on her delivery ship with a walking sack of nonsense named Philip J. Fry. He saves her life on enough occasions, though, to grow on her. In time, her caring nature towards animals begins to extend to her crew.


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