Tuco Ramirez
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Tuco Ramirez

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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About Him

Grew Up… with his brother, who became a priest at a Spanish frontier mission. Though the two of them grew up side by side, they took opposite paths in life. Tuco became a bandit, and although his brother rebukes this line of work, he still loves him.

Living… the life of an outlaw in the American West. Tuco is wanted for a sizable reward. Taking advantage of the reward offered, Tuco and a nameless man he calls “Blondie” pretend that Blondie has caught Tuco and turns him in for the bounty, only to rescue him when the townspeople attempt to execute Tuco for his crimes, so they can then split the reward. They repeat this process until Blondie decides Tuco won’t be worth much more money, and leaves him to die in the desert.

Profession… outlaw. Tuco is wanted for murder and thievery, among other evil acts. But Tuco is unrepentant and seems to feel no remorse when he kills people.

Interests… money, vengeance, and a good revolver. Tuco steals a revolver when he loses his own. In the same theft, he also steals a bottle of whiskey, another of his favorite vices.

Relationship Status… single. Though he’s too ugly to be loved by any real lady, Tuco frequents prostitutes often, and finds solace in their soothing, if brief, embrace.

Challenge… finding the grave where $200,000 is buried. Tuco goes through all kinds of crazy challenges to get to this money. But his biggest obstacle is Blondie, aka the Man With No Name, who is the only one who knows which grave the money is buried in. Tuco, meanwhile, knows which particular graveyard, which Blondie doesn’t know, so the two are forced to become uneasy allies.

Personality… ruthless, humorous, and talkative. Tuco is a unique kind of outlaw, with a personal style all his own. He indulges in simple pleasures and laughs his way through even the toughest situations – until someone personally ticks him off.  Then he will throw out one of his classic insults, such as, “I like big, fat men like you. When they fall they make more noise.”

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