Tucker Max
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Tucker Max

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell

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About Him

Overview… sex-crazed law student. Tucker is perpetually wheeling and dealing, his head always in a swivel looking for his next prospective sexual conquest. With his friend Dan days away from his wedding, Tucker plans a bachelor party road trip to a legendary no-holds barred strip club in the town of Salem – the “Super Bowl of Carnal Pleasures.” Dan is reluctant, but Tucker won’t take no for an answer. And so the pilgrims head for the mecca. With Tucker at the helm, there is no limit to what could happen.

Personality… shameless, clever, manipulative, and narcissistic. Tucker is a serial extrovert with a seemingly unlimited supply of energy. His interests comprise primarily of drinking, discussing sex, and having sex. He is a magpie, and women are shiny trinkets. He is always transparent with his sexual intentions. Though he is capable of turning the charm on like a faucet, he prefers to tell misogynistic jokes until the girl either walks away in disgust or can’t resist his overblown swagger any longer. 

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