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Living… in the chaos of Iraq at the end of the Gulf War. You couldn’t pick a better time to get involved in a heist-like undercover mission to steal gold bullion from Sadam Hussein. But, instead of returning the gold to the Kuwaitis from whom Sadam originally stole the gold, Troy and his compatriots plan to pocket the gold for themselves and leave this bloody country as rich and merry men. The only problem is most Iraqi soldiers don’t know yet that the war is supposed to be over. This means Troy and company will have to fight their way to the gold.

Profession… US Army Reserve Sergeant First Class. Troy doesn’t love his job as a professional soldier, but in many respects it beats his office job back in the States. The thought of returning to his old day job is enough to scare him into chasing that stolen gold.

Interests… survival, his family, football – or at least the army's own special kind of football, which involves throwing balls from a moving jeep and blowing them out of the sky with an M-16.

Relationship Status… married. Troy has a wife and baby back in the United States. He imagines them being subject to the kind of bloodshed and civilian killing that happens here in Iraq, and he is sickened by the thought. He wants nothing more than to return to his family a free and healthy man.

Challenge… to survive the war and return to his family. The only real problem standing in his way is that he’d love to go home with a suitcase full of stolen gold. Suddenly his safe return isn't so certain.  

Personality… friendly and confused. He's an innocent guy caught up in the horror of war. He’s got a lot of friends in his crew in Iraq, and they’d stick up and cover his back if things get hairy. In return Troy is often in charge of keeping whacky soldiers like Conrad Vig in order.

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